New Cover Design

Dark & Day has been ever since I started dreaming about a planet split between night and a static orbiting sun oh so many years ago. I’m really happy with how the new covers turned out! It highlights the characters and the world in a way that looks clean and captivating. Hope you like them as much as I do :)

The charm of Harry Potter meets the adventure of Star Wars! It’s machines versus magic in the world of DARK & DAY.
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Read. Think. Dream.

ECCC fun!

ECCC booth

We all had a great time at Emerald City Comic Con! It was awesome to meet so many people interested in Dark & Day! There were a ton of ebook giveaways, and many of you we excited to buy the novels and comic too!

For anyone that won a ebook from the prize wheel, but has not yet received the link to download it, that probably means there was an issue with the email that was listed. Email me at “grey” at “darkandday” [dot] com and we can fix any missing awards.

If you have friends that are interested in Dark & Day, please point them to:

Thanks again, and I hope you all love the books!


A fresh start!

Welcome Earth Enders!

My name is Jacob Israel Grey, and this little Dark & Day project has been my brain-baby since I moved up to Washington in 2005. I first put word to digital paper when I was alone for six weeks while my wife was in Texas helping people get back on their feet after Hurricane Rita.

DARK & DAY is more than just my first big writing project. It is a canvas for me to explore and share my complex political, philosophical and social ideas. To me, the best scifi and fantasy explores universal ideas about what it means to be alive, to struggle, to believe in things deeply and ponder how our beliefs are supported or distorted by the world around us. I hope you enjoy the ride!

My first big venue to share Dark & Day with the world is coming up at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle March 27-29th. If you are in the area, I hope you’ll stop by my table in Artists Alley, say hello, and spin the prize wheel to get free stuff!

I invite you to follow the journey of Dark & Day on Facebook and Twitter and enjoy my personal author blog.

May your life be full of adventure and ideas!


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