Book 1 final - front only

Jonothon Wyer trembled beneath his desk
as the sirens blared their dreaded warning:
Magic is coming!
His entire life, he had been told to fear the wizards
from across the Dawn, but never did his small town
expect to be the epicenter of the next world war
of machines against magic! Sickly and friendless,
Jono’s only hope was to enlist into the mechanized
army of the Dark End. He was promised that machines
will make him strong enough to be the hero he read
about in books. Jono never questioned his fate until
his discovery of an ancient relic revealed that a wizard
was living with them all along! What is a true hero to do,
when good and evil depended on which side of the borde
you were born?
 Dark and Day 2 Cover - front only

As the world struggles to rebuild a new peace
between Dark & Day, a secret terrorist organization
is plotting to unleash an ancient plague that could
destroy more than the fragile peace…

Jonothon Wyer continues to train his amazing
Cloaks powers at the Windom Military Academy
He will have to learn how to lead his team of friends,
and navigate the deeply ingrained fears of his fellow
students in order to uncover the secrets that lurk in
an ancient city, as well as those that hide within
the hearts of those around him…

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Dark and Day 3 cover - front Only med

A pox of space and time is ravaging the lands of
magic and machine. As the Windom Academy accepts
squires from the Day into its student exchange program,
Jono and his team must question what they believe in if
they are to have any hope at defeating an enemy
they know so little about…



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