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Dark And Day

Dark & Day is a novel series that clashes science fiction and fantasy tropes on a future Earth. It follows a set of young characters as they grow up learning about the wonders and dangers of a world torn between the cultures of machines and magic.


Jacob Israel Grey was born on the level 1 fields just outside of the starting castle and raised on cramped spaceships between visits to the odd planets of Washington, California, Utah and Iceland. Ever since putting pencil to paper, he has been writing about fantastic places and peculiar cultures in a futile attempt to make sense of the absurdities found here on planet Earth. When he's not vicariously racing through the woods to stop the end of the world, he can be found in the Pacific Northwest dancing nonsensically with two wild forest imps whose eyes match his own while pomeranians yap in circles around them, or beer/wine tasting on some nice patio with a beautiful woman that has mysteriously permitted him to lurk about for over a decade.